We are a growing company that is specialized in developing complex
trading systems for capital and financial markets worldwide.
In a world where automation, speed, and big data are setting the
rules, we have put the most of our attention on people: the actual
secret ingredient for success.
Since 2013, our team has managed to reduce risk and increase profits,
creating trading systems based on code optimization, proprietary
trading algorithms, and big data analysis.

What we do

A 4 steps sketch that simply describes our work flow


Every day, we work surrounded by price charts and this is the perfect environment for research ideas

Game plan

Every idea turns into a project and the first step is to create a detailed work plan


This is the most important part that validates the idea. Research translates into coding, testing, and optimization

Code Icon


We make the idea and research come to life in a ready to use software product

Get in touch

You can reach us at info@prop-quant.com