Top 3 most common problems when using Automated Trading Robots

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Over the past 15 years, we’ve meticulously tested hundreds of trading robots in the ever-evolving landscape of forex trading. Through extensive analysis and observation, we’ve identified three repetitive pitfalls that consistently hinder traders’ success when relying on automated solutions.

These challenges not only impede profitability but also erode trust and confidence in the efficacy of expert advisors. In this article, we unveil these three common mistakes and how can you avoid them when starting to trade with automated robots. 

1. Bad Algorithm:

The foundation of any successful EA rests upon a robust algorithm rooted in real market fundamentals. Yet, a common issue that we’ve seen is when EAs are constructed upon faulty algorithms that fail to accurately interpret market dynamics. Traders are left with tools ill-equipped that are not capable of navigating the forex market, leading to low performance and frustration.

2. Unrealistic Client Expectations:

The second common issue that we saw is very unrealistic client expectations. Many traders fall prey to the misconception that expert advisors are infallible entities capable of generating astronomical returns with minimal effort. The “set and forget” mentality prevails, with traders anticipating unrealistic returns of 50% or even 100% monthly. Such lofty expectations often result in disappointment and financial losses.

After all, EAs are just a well-defined set of inputs that incorporate a good strategy and help you automate it. Even though EAs are good when it comes to eliminating the human factor, they would still need your attention. 

3. Lack of Adequate Customer Support:

Inadequate customer support may maybe the biggest issue that can prevent you from making money when it comes to Automated Robots. We’ve seen so many times traders that are left in the dark post-purchase, lacking the necessary guidance on how to effectively utilize and adapt the EA to market conditions. 

How you can avoid all these problems?

Because we wanted to address these common issues that people have when they want to start trading with EAs we have created a new service, a PREMIUM Day Trading Room.

This is a chat room where we explain in detail every aspect of our strategy so you can fully understand what’s the logic behind it and why it is working.

Our trading experts offer daily insights about the markets and the best forex pairs of the day.

Take this example. When the trading session starts, you will know what pair has the best potential for a profit and you can act right away.

They will guide you step by step about when to enter the market, when to close your positions, and so on.

An equally important aspect would be that to avoid losing money you need to know when TO NOT TRADE  as well. Take this example.

When important news are coming out, the market can go crazy for days so you need to be up to date about it and take action, otherwise, these events can blow up your account.

As a final plus, we also have an EA that automates our strategy and can be used on multiple forex pairs.

This would help you eliminate the stress associated with it. It would secure Take Profit and Stop Loss based on well-determined inputs.

Did we say that our EA also has adaptive Stop Loss? This means that it automatically adapts SL position based on price movement so you’ll be much protected from an eventual loss.

All you need to do is to place it on the desired forex pair and let it run.

Don’t worry, our team will make sure that you fully understand all the aspects involved and that you are 100% ready to use it.

And don’t forget, you’ll also receive access to our Day Trading Room. 

Sounds good?

Find out more here: Access VBOT

Table of Contents




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