Introduction to Online Trading -Free

This introductory course provides an in-depth understanding of online Forex trading, targeting both beginners and those looking to refresh their knowledge. It covers key aspects such as the basics of Forex trading, how it operates, selecting the right broker, understanding major currency pairs, and essential trading strategies.

The course is designed to deliver practical skills and essential knowledge in a concise, professional format.

-Lifetime Access-

-Lifetime Access-

What you will learn?

One hour of Free Consultation

After completing this course, you will receive a one-hour, one-on-one consultation with our experts at no additional cost, to deepen your knowledge and skills.

Certificate of completion

After finishing this course you will receive a certificate of completion issued by Prop-Quant.

What our students say...

Alex M.
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"These courses brilliantly bridge the gap between intermediate and advanced trading. The clear explanations and practical strategies improved my trading decisions and performance. Highly recommended for serious traders."
Jordan K.
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"A transformative experience! The courses cover essential topics like technical analysis and risk management in an intuitive manner. My trading confidence and consistency have skyrocketed. An absolute must for traders aiming to level up."
Casye R..
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"Among all the trading courses I've taken, these stand out. The content is well-structured, comprehensive, and directly applicable to real-world trading. They have deepened my market understanding and positively impacted my trading results."
Learn how to code your own Trading Robot using ChatGPT

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