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Lesson 45

Automated Trading

In the world of Forex trading, one way to minimize your efforts and potentially maximize your profit is to automate the process by using a Forex robot – something like an “autopilot” program. Thanks to the availability of such systems, anyone can take advantage of the potential that online currency trading offers.

Highly adjustable – you can build the automated trading system that suits your personal preference and needs. Your preferences might include price patterns, technical indicators, big figure levels and many other specifications. All you have to do is to include them all in the algorithm, and from then on it will work on your behalf. 

Back testing the results manual trading strategies are more difficult to back test, but with automated trading, this is accomplished easily and can even be done at no cost in platforms such as MetaTrader4. 

Ease of use – beginning traders can enjoy the benefits of automated trading systems as much as experienced traders. Many professional traders use these tools for portfolio diversification, in addition to their discretionary trading.

Disciplined and Consistent Trading – in Automated Trading, the computer acts upon precise parameters of the strategy, without any bias or emotional connection. And this is the main benefit of automation. 

Because even the best traders sometimes change their method when profits or losses mount. That usually makes for worse results. In contrast, the automated system executes with precision until you stop it, without caring about your bottom line.

An issue with some of the automated systems is that they remain the same even if the environment in the markets might change. That is why these tools sometimes have to be used in conjunction with your education and experience. More exactly, make sure that it is in sync with your flexible analysis before any trading decisions are made.

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