Trading Academy

Lesson 39

Using Drawing  Tools

Technical drawing tools are built into the MT4 terminal to help you analyze the charts. To learn how to apply them, see the short guide that we’ve prepared below:


Lines are manually imposed to a chart and can be used for marking up things as horizontal levels of support and resistance, specific price levels, time periods, trends and so on:

Double-Click a line to select and modify it. Right-click on a selected line for more options.


Shapes such as rectangles, triangles and ellipses can be applied to a price or indicator chart. These objects can be used to highlight price action patterns, boxes, pennants, significant swings in price and so on:

Same as with the lines, double-click shapes to modify them, and right-click a selected shape for more options.

Equidistant Channel, Symbols, Arrows and Price Labels

Various other channels, arrows and symbols can be applied to a chart to help you study price action. They can be found in the “Line Studies” Toolbar:

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