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Terms and Conditions for the Promotional Campaign (“Regulation”)

The organizer

1. The promotional campaign (hereinafter referred to as “the Campaign”) is organized by Prop Quant SRL, a limited liability company, established and functioning in accordance with the laws of Romania, having its registered office in Corunca 413D, Mures county, registration number in the Trade Register J26 /1225/27.06.2017, unique registration code 37847064, hereinafter referred to as “the Organizer”.

2. The campaign will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of this regulation (the “Regulation”), which is mandatory for all participants.

3. By participating in this campaign, the knowledge of the regulation and the Participant’s agreement is assumed. Campaign participants are obliged to respect and comply with all the terms and conditions of this Regulation. The Official Regulation is drawn up and will be made public according to the law applicable in Romania, on the website

Place and duration of the campaign

1. The campaign is organized and is conducted online, in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation.

2. Campaign period: 02.10.2019 – 31.10.2019

The official rules of the Campaign

1. The official Campaign Regulations are available to any applicant, free of charge, throughout the Campaign duration, in electronic format, by accessing the page.

2. According to the free decision of the Organizer, the Campaign can be publicized for the purpose of informing the public, including through advertising materials and / or for informational purposes. The information that such materials may contain shall be interpreted in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation.

3. The organizer reserves the right to modify and / or supplement the Regulation, as well as the right to suspend and / or cease and / or stop the campaign. Any changes / additions made to the provisions of this Regulation will be included in additional documents and will be communicated to the public by their publication on the page

4. The organizer reserves the right to change the nature of the prizes, all these changes being included in additional documents and will be communicated to the public by their publication on the page

The right of participation to the campaign

1. All individuals, aged over 18 years, who have registered for the contest with Last Name, First Name and a valid personal email address through the contest registration form accessible at and who have and which accept the conditions of this Regulation (the “Participants”) are eligible for participating in this Campaign.

2. The following categories of persons cannot participate in the Campaign: (a) the employees of Prop Quant SRL; (b) the relatives of the employees mentioned above (respectively children / parents, brothers / sisters, husband / wife, relatives up to the 4th degree, kindred); (c) collaborators of Prop Quant.

3. Entries that will be made using emails generated by temporary email systems will be automatically excluded, without considering the exhaustive list: Mailinator, Guerilla Mail, 10 Minutes Mail, Fake Mail Generator, Getairmail,, MintEmail, Maildrop, Yopmail, Tempmail, Harakirimail, Mailnesia, MyTrashMail,

4. A person has the right to register only once, with only one email address.

5. If the Organizer has sufficient reasons to believe that a person has registered in this campaign several times, he has the right to disqualify that person from the Campaign, without having to provide any type of explanation.


1. At the end of the Campaign, the following prizes will be awarded: MT4NitroArbitrage software license that contains:

a) The application file MT4NitroArbitrage.ex4;

b) Video User Guide;

c) Premium Support up to the 29th of January 2020 (regardless of the purchase date);

d) Software and members area maintenance for 12 months starting from delivery date;

e) The right to use the software for 1 IP (1 computer) at the same time.

2. The prizes of the campaign cannot be replaced with their cash value or with another good or service.

3. All users of MT4NitroArbitrage software, including those who will win the software through this Campaign, will have to accept the terms and conditions of use of MT4NitroArbitrage software. By accepting this regulation, the user implicitly accepts the terms and conditions of the MT4NitroArbitrage software.

4. The terms and conditions of use of the InsideTraderMT4 software will be available on the website

Award procedure

1. For the registration to be valid the Participant must meet the conditions of eligibility (The right of participation to the campaign).

2. The participant will register for the campaign using the name, first name, phone number and email through the form found on the registration page:
The registration will be made exclusively during the Campaign period.

3. The organizer reserves the right to investigate and interpret the entries in the Campaign; any irregularity that may be classified as fraudulent attempt results in the final blocking and elimination of the participant in the case, the Organizer is not obliged to announce or justify this decision.

4. Any fraud attempt (such as, but not limited to, the registration of fictitious names) may be considered fraudulent and may result in the elimination of the participant(s) in the Campaign case, without the Organizer being obliged to – notify the disabled in advance. If there is a suspicion of fraud, the Organizer may ask the participants to prove their identity.

5. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and will be notified by phone or email.

6. Any error and / or omission regarding the personal data provided to the Organizer does not entail its liability, the accuracy of the contact details provided by the winner being their sole responsibility. The Organizer is not responsible even if a winner-nominated Participant cannot be contacted because of the incorrect / incomplete name, address or phone number.

Fiscal obligations

The beneficiary of the Prize is responsible for observing the provisions of the financial-fiscal legislation, respectively the payment of any taxes, taxes or other financial obligations related to the prizes offered, in accordance to his/her tax residence laws.

Limited liability

1. The organizer is entitled to take all necessary measures in case of attempts of system fraud, abuse or any other attempts that could affect the image of this campaign.

2. In the event of a dispute over the validity of a registration within this campaign, the Organizer’s decision is final.

3. No errors in the data provided by the winners or the accuracy of the contact data does not attract the responsibility of the Organizer, this being the sole responsibility of the Participants. As such, the Organizer has no obligation in the case of providing participants with erroneous data which led to the impossibility of sending the prize under normal conditions, to the impossibility of identifying a winner, the impossibility of enrolling in the campaign due to the illegibility of personal data.

4. The organizer will not be responsible for the impossibility of a winner to gain possession of the desired prize or to use the prize due to reasons that are independent of the Organizer.

5. The organizer will not be responsible for delays in the delivery / delivery of prizes due to delays in the provision of services by its suppliers, courier services, e-mail or other types of providers.

6. Claims regarding the prize won, prior to the signing of the delivery-receipt report can be sent to the Organizer’s address.

7. The Organizer does not assume responsibility for situations in which certain participants registered in the contest are unable to participate in whole or in part in the Campaign if this incapacity is due to circumstances outside the control that the Organizer can reasonably exercise.

8. The participants accept with final title all the decisions made by the Organizer regarding the winners, as well as the subsequent calendar of the Campaign or other changes related to the implementation of the competition. The organizer has the right to disqualify any participant who does not respect the rules of the campaign or for whom there is evidence of incorrect behavior or sabotage of any kind to the campaign. Participants also undertake to make available to the organizer all relevant contact details, (name, first name, address and mobile phone number).

Personal Data

All participants are expressing their consent regarding the privacy policy terms described on this page:

Campaign termination/interruption. Force majeure

1. The campaign may cease before the expiry of the period foreseen in the event of an event that constitutes the force majeure, including in the event of the Organizer’s impossibility, for reasons independent of its will, to ensure the campaign is carried out in good conditions.

2. Force majeure means any event that cannot be foreseen, controlled or remedied by the Organizer, including the impossibility of the Organizer for reasons independent of his will and whose appearance puts the latter in the impossibility of fulfilling the obligations assumed by the Regulation.

3. The campaign may also cease before the set period or it may be suspended at any time based on the Organizer’s free decision, provided that the Organizer notifies such situation in advance.


1. Any disputes arising between the Company and the user regarding any aspect related to the products and/or services offered will be settled amicably, and if this is not possible, the dispute will be settled in the competent Romanian courts in the municipality of Targu-Mures.

2. For complaints regarding any aspect of the product/service please send an email at

3. In case of a dispute, Prop Quant has the right to suspend the license and/or the service for that specific client (or for the group of clients) until a final decision will be reached.

Prop Quant is not regulated or authorized to provide trading/investing advice. Therefore, all the content provided in any communication medium should NOT be treated as trading advice. Prop Quant is not making any form of guarantees that the user will make profits in his/her capital markets account by using the products or information provided.

Prop Quant develops and sells software products with which the user can trade on capital markets and financial markets around the world. Trading and margin trading involves a high level of risk that may not be appropriate for all investors. The leverage effect, specific to margin trading creates additional risks and exposure to losses. Before you decide to trade, carefully consider your investment goals, level of experience and risk tolerance. You may lose some or all of your initial investment; do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Document yourself about the risks associated with margin trading and ask for advice from a financial or tax consultant if you have questions.

Prop Quant is a provider of technological products and is not associated or affiliated in any way with the intermediaries of financial investment services (eg brokerage houses, etc.).

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