Technical Support


Technical Support can be applied to any of the PQ Products.

Price is per hour

  1. The Technical Support means the technical support Prop Quant or its employees or collaborators will provide to the client. The holidays and the legal holidays will not be subject to any kind of support. 
  2. The Technical Support will consist of the following:
    • Technical questions related to the product.
    • Direct access of PropQuant to the client’s machine (VPS) remotely and modifications of certain parameters of the Application by the Prop Quant employees
    • Questions regarding particular use cases of the software
    • Advice about the optimization of the trading inputs
    • Advice about scaling up the trading volumes, withdrawals, or deposits to brokers
    • Questions regarding the VPS
  3. The Technical Support time limit may vary and may be stated in the product description.
  4. All the answers and modifications of a Products's parameters on the Client’s VPS (machine) from the Prop Quant team are not supposed to be considered, in any circumstances, trading advice or a guarantee for profits, and the client consents that he/she is the only one responsible for how the software used and for the trading results.
  5. The user consents that, in some cases, Prop Quant Support team will need the exact application logs in order to provide a correct answer to a question. The failure to provide the logs when needed can result in the impossibility of the support team to answer a certain question. 
  6. The Technical Support will be provided by email, chat, or direct access to the client’s machine, where the PQ TradeApp is installed and running. The customer questions have to be sent to and the answers will be provided as soon as possible, during the company’s working hours.
  7. After the expiration of the Technical Support, Prop Quant will offer standard support that is limited to the software and members are maintenance described below.