PQ Slippage Tracker

PQ Slippage Tracker will identify the slippage on the trades you place with your Broker and will show slippage related statistics.

PQ Slippage Tracker helps you to detect  the exact slippage “played” by your Broker

When you use PQ Slippage Tracker always open a separate but identical chart (example: if you are trading on GBP/USD, open another GBP/USD chart and drag&drop the PQ Slippage Tracker)

Set up: in MT4 go to Tools -> Options. From Expert Advisors tab, check the marks and add the Prop-Quant link as shown – http://prop-quant.com/

After you Sign Up, download the PQ Slippage Tracker and add it into your MT4 platform from File – Open Data Folder – MQL4 – Experts

Drag&drop the PQ Slippage Tracker on the chart.

Set your Username (received by email when you signed up)

Easy access to all your trades.

Go to your account on Members Area, select Products – PQ Slippage Tracker, and click on the button: Track Your Slippage.

You can select your Broker, symbol, the specific date and hours, click Submit.


Detailed Reports

 0,00 for 3 months

• NOTE: In order the PQ Slippage Tracker to be active you need to Sign Up


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Product Specifications

Full Description

Track exactly the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which the trade is executed even if you place trade manually or you are using EA’s.


Track each broker individually

Used on multiple charts and brokers

Track data directly in your MT4 platform [per trading session]

History information stored and ready to be accessed in your Members account

Number of trades for which the slippage is tracked [for the current trading session]

The total value of the slippage [for the current trading session]

The net sum of all the slippage on the specific instrument [for the current trading session]

History date selection starting with minutes/hours/days



Fill in your PQ username. You can find it in one of the first emails received from us when you signed up for an account or when you first got a product from the Prop Quant website.


Can run from 1 IP only

Missing data if the internet connection is lost

It does not work with pending orders

Coming soon…

Coming soon…

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