29,00 for 1 month

License: 1 month | Valid for 1 IP | Premium Support | Recommended Inputs available


PQ-GoldFirst-MT5 User GuideWhat you need before starting with PQ-GoldFirst

MT5 broker account

  1. The Broker has to allow the use of Expert Advisors (bots) on their account (99% of the MT5 Brokers allow bots)
  2. Look for good trading conditions on Gold (XAUUSD): maximum spread of 3 pips (ex: the bid-ask prices should look smth like this: 1900,00 - 1900,30) | no commission if possible
  3. You can test on a Demo account for a period so you can get used to the bot
  4. Choose a Broker that you trust


  1. You need a VPS for continuous internet and electricity so the bot can execute its strategy correctly
  2. If you don't have a VPS, here are some options: https://ultrafx.com/prices-and-orders/#economicvpsld4 OR https://www.myforexvps.com/ - choose the PRO plan | any location is ok NL, LD or NY
  3. You can also use your home PC/laptop but you might have internet/electricity interruptions which will cause issues to the bot
  4. You can access your VPS from your PC/Laptop/Phone with the Windows Remote Desktop Connection application

Trading funds

  1. You will need enough money in your MT5 account so the bot will be able to execute its strategy at all times
  2. Recommendation: Start balance: 2500 USD | leverage: 1:500 |
  3. The lower the leverage, the higher the starting balance you will need

Run PQ-GoldFirst in just a few minutes

  1. Signup on this page and checkout: Free 10 day trial | No card needed now (1 min)
  2. Download product and user guide from your email (1 min)
  3. Setup and Launch PQ-GoldFirst in your MT5 platform (4 min)

PQ-GoldFirst-MT5 User Guide

  1. Download the .ex5 file from your email.
  2. In your MT5, go to File – Open Data Folder.
  3.  Go to MQL4 – Experts and copy the .ex5 file here. Close this window.
  4. Open a chart of Gold (usually XAUUSD) and set the 1min timeframe.
  5. Allow Automated Trading, Allow DLL Imorts, and add the Prop Quant link:  http://prop-quant.com/  on Allow Web Request for listed URL settings
  6. From the Navigator window, under Expert Advisors, drag and drop the PQ-GoldFirst (GF-1month-v.v OR GF-1year-v.v) to a GOLD (XAUUSD) chart
  7. Go to the Inputs tab and type your PQ Username in the Username field. You received your PQ username in an email when you first signed up for a PQ product.
  8. Start the EA: when all inputs are set, click OK and wait for a message: You are successfully authenticated. The EA is running.