How and why Arbitrage WORKS


Hey! Still missing some dots to connect the arbitrage logic and why it works in today’s markets? 

We prepared a few snippets from the MT4NitroArbitrage Video User Guide which will make clear how is arbitrage possible


How and Why

Video User Guide

Module 1. Overview of the trading system

Lesson 1: Low-risk trading strategy

Quiz 1: Check your knowledge of the general mechanism of MT4NA

Lesson 2: Fully automated trading processMT4NA HOME

Lesson 3: Trading system infrastructure

Quiz 2: Do you want to prove yourself that you understood the system infrastructure?

Module 2. Everything you need to know about the Brokers

Lesson 4: MT4 Brokers

Assignment 1: Look for brokers that are offering MT4

Lesson 5: Types of Broker accounts

Lesson 6: Trading costs

Assignment 2: Look for good trading conditions brokers

Lesson 7: Regulation

Lesson 8: Reviews

Lesson 9: Payment methods

Lesson 10: How to create a broker account

Assignment 3: Create demo accounts

Lesson 11: How to deposit money to brokers

Quiz 3: Check if you know all about the brokers. We prepared a few questions

BONUS: List of brokers to avoid

BONUS: How to search for the Broker’s IP

Module 3. MetaTrader4 [MT4] trading platform

Lesson 12: Margin trading and leverage

Quiz 4: Trading concepts

Lesson 13: MT4 on Windows Desktop

Quiz 5: You don’t need to know everything in MT4 but you need to know this

Lesson 14: How to open a trade in MT4

Lesson 15: MT4 Windows Desktop Tutorial – Download, Install and Sign In

Lesson 16: MT4 iOS Tutorial – Download, Installation and Sign In

Assignment 4: Add all your active trading accounts on your preferred devices [laptop, desktop, phone, tablet]

Module 4. Virtual Private Server [VPS]

Lesson 17: What is a VPS and how it works

Quiz 6: Test your VPS knowledge

Lesson 18: VPS on Mac OS – Installation and Sign In

Lesson 19: VPS on Windows – Installation and Sign In

Lesson 20: VPS on Mobile iOS – Installation and Sign In

Assignment 5: Set-up a new VPS

Lesson 21: How to change the VPS password

BONUS: How to get a VPS discount

Module 5. MT4NA – How it works

Lesson 22: MT4NitroArbitrage – Things To Know

Lesson 23: Steps for setting up the software – LIVE

Assignment 6: Set-up the software on a DEMO account

Lesson 24: The Hedge Concept

Quiz 7: Questions – The Hedge Concept

Module 6. Parameters – General Settings

Lesson 25: Username

Quiz 8: Qestions – Username

Lesson 26: Symbol Input

Quiz 9: Questions – Symbol Input

Lesson 27: TradingOpenHour & TradingCloseHour

Quiz 10: Questions – TradingOp enHour & TradingCloseHour

Lesson 28: Offset

Quiz 11: Questions – Offset

Lesson 29: Trading Volume For Each Trade

Quiz 12: Questions – Trading Volume For Each Trade

Lesson 30: Max Consecutive Loosing Trades

Quiz 13: Questions – Max Consecutive Loosing Trades

Lesson 31: Show Fast Feed On Chart

Assignment 7: Create a few LIVE trading accounts

Module 7. Parameters – Entry & Exit Settings

Lesson 32: Mindiff

Quiz 14: Questions – Mindiff

Lesson 33: Max Spread

Quiz 15: Questions – Max Spread

Lesson 34: MinTimeSeconds

Quiz 16: Questions – MinTimeSeconds

Lesson 35: Exit 1 – Closing Min Diff

Quiz 17: Questions – Exit 1 – Closing Min Diff

Lesson 36: Exit 2 – Trailling

Quiz 18: Questions – Exit 2 – Trailling

Lesson 37: Exit 2 – TP & SL

Quiz 19: Questions – TP & SL

Lesson 38: Show Lines On Chart

Assignment 8: Start using MT4NA on demo accounts

Module 8. Testing & Optimising

Lesson 39: Account History

Quiz 20: Questions – Account History

Lesson 40: Experts

Quiz 21: Questions – Experts

Lesson 41: Journal

Quiz 22: Questions – Journal

Lesson 42: Initial Testing

Lesson 43: Parameters Optimisation

Assignment 9: Deposit money to your trading account and start testing on live accounts

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