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Why are we the FIRST choice for so many people when it comes to automated trading solution?

Maybe, because up to 91% of people who tried our GoldFirst FX Robot would recommend it to their family and friends. Or the fact that we are strongly committed to our customer-oriented vision, which goes against the market’s “buy now, then bye-bye” type of approach. That’s why we offer subscriptions instead of the classic “one-time payment”.

Now, these might stand as great arguments on their own, but our main reason for the subscription-based business model is a simple one: the trust we have in our product. We KNOW that our robot is a consistent long-term performer, not a one-hit wonder which gets a lucky guess on market movements from time to time. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Try it out for yourself with a demo or a real account! 


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Choose your trading mode

We’ve given everything to make our robot safe, but trading is also about risks. You can choose to run the robot on the low-risk strategy or the high-risk one and you can even switch between them.

Wiser. Safer. Different.

We analyze millions of past transactions, accurately predict the future and automatically get into calculated trades. Just like that, pure math. No shady signals, no lucky movements, no gambling.

A data-driven trading tool

Our algo is 100% based on real data insights. We know what are the chances of a pullback to happen, its average duration or the PIPS directions. We analyze everything.

We'll really be around

We can’t promise we’ll put you on the Forbes cover, but we will do everything in our power to help you have a steady income. You can contact us 24/7, by email or chat.

Plan B included

Our brilliant robot gets only into promising trades that could turn into profits, but it’s also trained to recover or reduce the damage if something unforeseen happens.

Free Trial & No Card Needed

Speaking of lowering the risks, we offer you a 10-day free trial only to see how powerful our robot is. Moreover, you don’t need to insert your credit card details.

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What makes THIS robot so Special?

The truth is GoldFirst is so special because it doesn’t act alone.

There is another robot that works behind the curtains to help it out, named Whysely.

Whysely’s job is to analyze millions of past trading moves, find out the why behind each of them and make sure GoldFirst acts wisely. That’s why, unlike humans, its trading decisions aren’t based on guessing, gut feeling, or random social media opinions.

Moreover, unlike other robots, their trading decisions aren’t based on so-called tricky signals that can easily destroy your trading account either. They perform complex analysis of historical data and accurately predict the future. Because history ALWAYS repeats itself.

Basically, we put robots to work so people can enjoy a carefree life. Please don’t blame us for that.

What’s inside the GOLDFIRST FX Robot?

2 Different Trading Strategies

We’ve incorporated two trading strategies in our GoldFirst Trading Robot to suit your trading profile/style. You can switch at any time between these two to take full advantage of the power of auto trading. 

Low risk& High risk – How do these 2 work?

The Low-Risk Strategy has been created especially for conservative people who prefer a safer approach. With this strategy configuration, GoldFirst needs higher trend movements to open new positions in the market. In case of high volatility, it will be safer for your account balance, even though this will limit your profits.


The High-Risk Strategy has been created for bolder people who want to take a higher risk that can also bring higher profits. With this strategy, GoldFirst takes faster advantage of trend moves and opens multiple trading positions in a shorter time. 

How Gold first makes its moves?

GoldFirst algorithm analyzes past price moves and applies relevant noise in order to see relevant insights about the special particularities of the gold market

Why is this so important?

Applying this so-called noise we can see the longest swings, the duration, and the reserve ones that followed them. That’s how GoldFirst knows exactly when the trend is about to change and when to open or close trading positions in the market.

Why we’re not using signals? 

As we explained above, our trading algorithm acts on more than simple trend signals. GoldFirst’s moves are backed by analyzing millions of past price moves.

GoldFirst protects your balance account when the market is unstable:

GoldFirst was designed to avoid trading between volatile hours, so your account can stay safe when the market exceeds the average volatility levels.

STILL HESITATING? Let our numbers do the talking!

NOT SURE about it yet? try it on a real or demo account!

Secure your copy and you’ll have a 10 day Free Trial. No credit card is needed. 

Check here a 100% real backtest account.

People strongly appreciate that we are so involved in helping them succeed.

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Why you should buy from us?

See what people say about our product

My question was answered nicely within 2 hours by the support team. From my experience with other vendors, usually, I had to wait for days for a response to come, in the best case scenario.s. Anyway, right now I’m running the robot on 2 demos using both strategies, low risk and high risk. So far the robot looks pretty positive, even if the results aren’t going to make me a millionaire overnight!

Julian B.

Guys, I used a lot of autorobots during the last 2 years and some of them generated profit, but during a few weeks, it was lost. I can say that GOlDFIRST is THE MOST STABLE auto robot which I used. It generates profit slow but VERY VERY STABLE! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 

Thomas S.

Hello, my name is Richard and I want to thank you guys for your robot. I’m using it for 6 months now and I was able to generate stable profits every month since. Keep up the good work! 

Richard C.

Long story short, our GoldFirst FX Trading Robot CAN beat the market. That is its mission. And that’s why you’ll love him. Moreover, we’ll constantly make sure he successfully fulfills it while working in your account. This is our mission. And that’s why you’ll love us.

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Why choose us?

You can check here some of our stats that we are most proud of.


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People strongly appreciate our involvement in helping them succeed. We answer EVERY question that comes our way, give personalized tips and, if requested, we can even provide live support and fix issues by offering step-by-step guidance. Because let’s face it, apart from the feeling of fulfillment and sense of empowerment we get from helping others out, at the end of the day their success is a must for our business. That’s the simple truth.

We like to keep it real. That’s why you will never see fake “special offers” on our site. This means that when a countdown is active, it will really end when it says it will. Scroll down fast and get that special offer, in time!

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Dear trader

I get it.

Trading is hard. It really is.

There are so many decisions you have to make.

So many opinions you hear. So many experts out there.

So many regrets.

You’re probably wishing you could stop second-guessing yourself

and ignore those persistent thoughts in your head:









Trading is hard. It really is.

No wonder only 10% out of almost 10 million people that are actively trading online make a profit.


Look, most of the online traders have this I will be a billionaire vibe syndrome mixed with a 1 cup (or 2, or 3) of I will lose everything I’ve got and a TBSP of que sera sera, whatever will be, will be. Strange mix indeed.

But hey, been there, done that.

So I know what they all really want.

 They want more.

 More money.

 More security.

 More time with family and friends.

 More vacations. 

 More freedom.

Whatever that might be for you…

 I’ve got good news for you.

 And I would like to shout it out loud.

Louder than those conflicting thoughts in your head.


Yeap. For simple human beings like me and you as well.

How do I know?

Because I too was one of those 90% some time ago.

And now I’m one of the few who makes good profits from the stock market.

Yeah, yeah I know that you are more used to people talking about profits while

leaning on their shiny sports car.

Oh, sorry, we interrupt this message for a quick commercial break:

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But I’ve decided to invest elsewhere the money I would have spent on going to

Dubai and renting a Lamborghini only to impress you.

Don’t get me wrong, I would have afforded that too.


Maybe I could have even bought a new one as well? I don’t know man, I’ll have to ask my significant other.


But that might have turned me into someone less authentic.


And I grew up in a family where respect was a core value.


Respect for others.


Respect for your work.


Respect for the money you’ve earned.


Respect for the truth.


I don’t wanna brag about the many years of expertise I have in this

field either (this is also because it reminds me of how old I am),


But I do want you to know that a highly efficient FX Robot isn’t just a

simple code written in some programming language and that’s that.

A top-performing FX robot like GoldFirst means almost 15 years of

technical analysis.

15 years of continuous research.

15 years of selecting good information.

15 years of testing trading strategies.

15 years of creating a powerful team.

15 years of fighting against my own mindset

and believe me this was the hardest part 

Because I’m human. And our behavior is strongly shaped by fear and greed.

Which means that those two bastards will guide the financial markets as well.

Let them take control and you’ll go bankrupt and lose everything. The end.

That’s the sad story of the 90%.

But hey, I promised you good news, right?

Well, the greatest one is that you can always join the happy 10%.


And you don’t need to struggle for 15 years.


Oh, and if one of those thoughts keeps telling you “come on, mate, if this

man spent 15 years creating such a profitable Robot, why would he

share it with you?”


I’m sorry to say,  I don’t do this because I’m a wonderful person.


I’m doing it basically because I’m greedy (I’m a human being, remember?)


This is the deal: If you make money, you renew your subscription. If you

renew your subscription, I make money too.

It’s as simple as that.


And, as I’ve said before, I love the truth.


Click here to Download my GoldFIRST FX Robot Now!

See our subscription plans here:

You can choose one from our 2 different subscription plans available:


We’re confident the GoldFirst will pay for itself during the first months of your trading session.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of trading software should I use to run GoldFirst robot?

GoldFirst runs on all Metatrader4 (MT4) forex trading platforms. If you don’t use a MT4 platform yet, you can download it from most brokers’ websites. It’s free and easy to install.

Can I run the robot on any Symbol?

When we created the robot, we had to choose between devoting our time to analyzing a single currency on which to devise a powerful strategy and using our time to create a mediocre but universal robot. We’ve chosen the first option.
Long story short,  we recommend you to only run the robot on gold. Even though it may be more efficient than most human beings on other currencies as well.

Why do you, unlike others, have a subscription-based payment plan, not a lifetime one?

Personally, we believe that there is no high-performance robot to sell once for a few hundred dollars and that’s it. Why would you do this?

In addition to the long-term financial gain, a subscription comes bundled with confidence in a product that performs. This, of course, also means responsibility and a strong customer oriented vision, which is against the market’s “buy now then bye-bye” type of approach.

What’s the difference between GoldFirst and other FX Robots?

There are a lot of differences. First of all, GoldFirst is not an ordinary robot that relies on luck. Unlike other robots, his trading decisions aren’t based on so-called tricky signals that can easily destroy your trading account either. On the contrary, GoldFirst FX Robot is designed to be as safe as a FX Robot can be. We better have smaller profits but for a long period of time than big profits now, bigger losses tomorrow and so on. That’s our mentality. 


So what do we do? Basically, we are a data-geek team, so we analyze and reanalyze Tick Data, find patterns and teach our robot to transform them into opportunities. For example, a set of data from the past could tell us there is no way a swing can go more than 113 PIPS up or down without reverting by 20 PIPS. And guess what? History ALWAYS repeats itself. This. Is. Gold.


I have no experience with FX Robots. Can I use it too?

Of course you can. Once you download our robot, you’ll receive an easy installation guide and other useful tips to help you have the best trading experience.

How much time will it take to install?

6 minutes? Maybe 8 if you aren’t that fast?! As we already mentioned, you’ll receive a step by step guide, so you can start using the GoldFirst FX Robot quickly.

What happens if I lose connectivity or power for a period of time?

As you will see in our guide, we suggest running the robot on a VPS. A regular one is only 20 dollars or so per month and you will get rid of these kinds of problems. 


Otherwise, the open trades will stay open until the connectivity or the computers’ power is restored, but no other trades will be opened meanwhile.

You then have to run the Metatrader again and make sure your GoldFirst FX Robot is turned on. If not, follow the procedure and rerun the robot on the platform.

Can I use GoldFirst with any broker?

Yes, you can use the robot with any broker that offers the MT4 platform.

Which is the minimum amount I need to start auto-trading?

Look, there will be a lot of people in this market who will tell you that you only need 100$ and you still can make great profits. In most cases, they will also tell you that 90% + of the trades are green. Well, that’s a red flag in our opinion. 

 Why? Because trading is risky and no one can guarantee you’ll always make money. But with a great strategy and a performant robot, you’ll certainly increase your odds. 

Speaking of odds, let us tell you that there aren’t too many chances to become rich with a 100$ investment. Believe us, we did the math. So before you start downloading GoldFirst, we recommend a minimum amount of 2200$ dollars for optimal results.

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