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✓ Learn and apply a system developed and tested by professionals and successfully used even by un-experienced people

✓ Use a low-risk trading concept that has proved to work over the past 100 years

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What is MT4NitroArbitrage

MT4NitroAbitrage is a unique project, where you are provided with all the necessary information and everything you need to know in order to efficiently use the MT4NitroArbitrage software, whether you are an experienced trader or you are just a rookie.

If you think it will be just about clicking a few buttons and making money than you are in the wrong place. MT4NitroArbitrage is a complex software that needs thorough understanding and proper management but the good news is that you will get a complete video user guide and premium support so you will only have to follow this project step by step.

MT4NitroArbitrage is a fully automated trading system that is wisely using the arbitrage concept, one of the edges that everyone is looking for in trading. This system has been efficiently used over the past 4 years, generating consistent returns and being continuously optimised in order to minimise the risk of losing money and to maximise potential profits.

Some of the recent results of MT4NitroArbitrage

Click on the images to enlarge or click the attached links to see some of the recent results of the MT4NitroArbitrage trading system.

These reports are only for REAL trading accounts and are verified by the MyFXBook.com website.

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The story of MT4NitroArbitrage

MT4NitroArbitrage is being used for more than 4 years and it started being commercialized this spring. Before releasing it to the public, we tested this whole project on a trial group composed mostly by un-experienced traders or even first timers.

The challenge was to see if someone with no trading experience, with a full-time job, will be able to get to use this system efficiently, on a regular basis. Trying to achieve this goal, the Prop Quant team set-up the Video User Guide and offered Premium Support to the software users.

The Video User guide has over 45 lessons, quizzes and assignments, all of them strictly aimed at learning how this particular software is working and how it employs various trading concepts. To be more clear, you will not learn how to read a balance sheet, how the news are influencing the price or how to plot trend lines.

Working along with the test group, we, at PropQuant, realised that our users needed clear, specific info about the product and complementary info is useless and it can distract the users attention.

Also, a very important aspect that contributes to the success of this project is the Premium Support which accelerates the learning process and which is adding incredible value because the users get quick answers and advice and they can move forward in using the software in the right way.

The test group was incredibly accurate in spotting the issues of the project and making the Software, the Video User Guide and the Premium Support highly efficient and the public release of the project confirmed it.

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Now, Let’s Break Some Myths…

Surely you have many questions that come to your mind now.

So let’s break down some myths about trading.

Myth #1 – Trading is Gambling

The reasonable doubt…

We all thought at one point that trading on the stock exchange is nothing but a gamble. This was something that we also thought before working in the capital markets industry and we had a reasonable doubt because of the lack of information from this field.

At that time, everyone around us was very suspicious about trading and was thinking about trading and investing as a gamble.

Despite all these preconceptions, we started looking for accurate information as part of our jobs but also because we had a deep curiosity that needed answers. After a while, we realized that the usual bias among people – that trading is gamblig – was totally untrue.

The facts…

After spending thousands of hours studying almost all the mechanisms of the financial and capital markets, we found out that there are trading strategies that can minimise the risk and increase the profits. In other words, it is not luck that is dictating the chances of success.

We discovered automated trading and after understanding how it works, we started to apply it. Then we tested different automated trading strategies and we became convinced in time that the arbitrage method is the most secure and profitable.

Why did we come to that conclusion?

Because arbitrage is a trading concept used for centuries in most areas and so far it has worked everywhere. Specifically, arbitrage helps us buy cheap from one broker and sell more expensive to another broker at the same time.

Simple, isn’t it?

We can confirm, it’s very simple when you have the proper software that can handle the enormous amount of data and the speed required for reaching efficiency. The software will “read” prices in real time, will process the price through an algorithm, and will make a trading decision based on the inputs.

From $500 to $80.000 in 6 months

The retail brokers offer trading accounts where one can start trading with 100 EUR and with the use of the arbitrage and leverage, there are very high chances of growing that account to mind blowing levels.

So, if we are lucky in trading, it is because we are conducting complex market research and we are creating robust trading systems based on logic, math, code optimization and, most importantly, experience.

We are playing in an arena where we continuously adapt to the changing market conditions and where every small detail is making the difference between loss and profit.

You can check some of the results of this software below:


Trading on financial markets is NOT gambling! This is a game of numbers, strategy and extreme optimization.

However, you have to choose: listen to amateurs and believe what they say or follow strict rules and use tools built by professionals in order to win this game!

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Myth #2 – Good profits come only with massive investment

What you see and hear on social media and TV

All you see on social media and TV is standard investment returns which usually means that you buy something and hold to it and you are obviously exposed to economic cycles and market fluctuations. That is nothing wrong with this, if you are a long term investor.

The world’s stock markets are averaging an approximate 7-10% per year for the past 100 years, which is kind of discouraging for most people who consider investing, because there could be years of losses and years of good returns and you never know where you fit in. As this would be a very long term investment, there is also the inflation to be taken into consideration, which means that you would have to cut a few procents from that return so you can see the real value of your return.
Moreover, you would need to invest a large sum of money in order for the return to actually represent a satisfying amount of net money/profit.

So what we are being fed up with every day in terms of returns from capital and financial markets are these standard investment types which are doing fine when the economy is growing but are very disappointing when the economy will correct. And the economy is cyclical, we all know that, so the ups and downs are perfectly normal.

But again…there’s nothing wrong in this and it is actually a healthy investment type, as long as you have the right expectations, based on thorough documentation.

What about those who are looking for better returns?

If you are one of those people who looks for better returns, we have good news for you: there are ways you can get more return for less investment. This is because the retail sector of investing has massively grown in the past 10 years and brokers are offering leverage for your money, so you can have more trading power with less money.

This is a great advantage but you will need to also have a good trading strategy that will allow you to make money … that edge that will allow you to minimize the risk and maximize your profits. Otherwise, the leverage will be the element that will “help” you blow your account in a few minutes, if you don’t know how to use it.

So, there are definitely ways of getting more for less. However you will have to commit and put some of your time into understanding and managing this system. And this is a proven fact because there are people which are already doing this (as our existing client can confirm). People just like you, whether you are a student, a full-time employee or a business owner.

You can do it as long as you put up what it takes.


Today, it is easier than ever to get consistent profits with relatively small investments. It just takes the right trading environment and the right tools to do it… and this is already taken care of. You just need ambition and perseverance.

Do you have what it takes?

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Myth #3 – Arbitrage is illegal

Arbitrage is just another way of placing trades on prices that are offered by your broker.

It cannot be illegal as you are trading based on the conditions that the brokers are offering.

This concept is being used for centuries in various fields and it has proved its efficiency if correctly employed.

In trading, arbitrage is a common practice and it is even encouraged in some trading venues because it enhances the market efficiency by adding liquidity and reducing spreads.
Arbitrage is also a well studied concept in the academic world. A lot of science journals are publishing research papers about the various forms of arbitrage and it is also taught in economics classes at universities across the world.

The only issue is that arbitrage can only be applied in today’s financial markets if you have a good software which is fast enough to speculate the milliseconds of opportunities. Also, these kind of software and trading ecosystem is available to retail traders just for a few years now, and before that only banks or large financial institutions were using arbitrage.

So, arbitrage is definitely legal and all the trusted sources can confirm this.

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Ok, it all makes sense! But how will I exacly use the software?

Run MT4NitroArbitrage in 4 steps

There are just 4 steps you need to make in order to start running the MT4NitroArbitrage software.

Don’t worry! Everything is clearly explained in the Video User Guide.

1. Create a trading account

Setting up a trading account with a broker is easy and fast… it only takes 15 min

2. Set-up your VPS

Don’t get intimidated by this acronym! This is just another step that any primary school kid can do

3. Download and install the software

You are probably doing this every day with other apps you are using

4. Set the inputs and launch!

You can choose from default inputs or you can choose your own

Stay tuned to see a complete MT4NitroArbitrage use case scenario, starting from November 1st.

Put your name on the list and get a chance to win a FREE MT4NitroArbitrage license and to get important news and in-depth information about the project.

What will you get…

MT4NitroArbitrage is not just about the software. Our user experience is highly efficient due to the extras we offer, beside the actual software.

Complex trading concepts is not something you see on tv and, for many of you, using a software like this will be difficult.

We understand the customer needs and that is why we added the Video User Guide and the Premium Support, which are making the users understand and easily apply trading concepts, thus having real chances of getting profits.

The Application File

MT4NitroArbitrage is a software program that is comparing prices for the same instrument/symbol between a fast feed and a broker of choice that is using MetaTrader4 platform.

Some of the inputs of the application are:

Username – the client will have to insert his/her username each time he/she wants to start a trading sessions using the MT4NitroArbitrage software

Symbol Input – the symbol to be compared with when running a software instance on a certain instrument/symbol from the MT4 platform

Mindiff – the minimum difference (in pips) between the 2 price feeds that the software is looking for

Trading volume for each trade – the amount to be traded by the software

Type 1 and Type 2 – ways of the software to manage the trade once it is placed in the market

MT4NitroArbitrage main features:

MT4NitroArbitrage basic: everything that the software need to communicate with the brokers and to place trades

Hedge module: built-in trading logic which will maximize profits

P/L function: real time display of the trading session performance (not the default P/L within the MT4 because that is irrelevant to us)

Risk Management: capital preservation is vital; this module will constantly check if everything is working as planned and will close positions otherwise.

Customisable trading hours: you choose when MT4NitroArbitrage will trade.

Trade Management: several ways of managing the trading opportunities.

Default trading parameters: a set of inputs which is giving you a safe starting point.

+ Video User Guide

If you had the car of your dreams right next to you but you had no driving experience, what would you do?

This was the exact mindset we had when first thinking of releasing a trading software for the public…. And it was a winner! All of our users had a great feedback for the guide and there were users that literally had 0 experience in trading and are now efficiently using the software.

We structured the V.U.G. in 8 Modules that contain everything you need to know in order to use this software and to have real chances of getting profits from the market.

After the first users started to watch the V.U.G. and then tried to use the software, we realised that most of them are eager to get to work a.s.a.p. and are not spending enough time to really understand how this works. That is why we introduced the Quizzes and Assignments.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.
Pele, the greatest footballer of all time
We said it before and we are saying it again: this is not easy! You will need commitment and patience.

3 lessons
2 quizzes

8 lessons
1 quiz
3 assignments

5 lessons
2 quizzes
1 assignment

5 lessons
1 quizz
1 assignment

2 lessons
1 assignment

13 lessons
13 quizzes
1 assignment

5 lessons
5 quizzes

5 lessons
5 quizzes
1 assignment

Stay tuned so you can get sneak peaks from the Video User Guide (from 1st of November)

+ Premium Support

Back to the car story… So you own it. Congrats! You also have seen a lot of explainer videos on how to drive it and enjoy your lifetime passion. And still, you know you will need someone to sit next to you for a few weeks so you can get the practical experience.
There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.
John F. Kennedy
We’ll be here, right next to you, when you make your first steps in using the MT4NitroArbitrage software. We know how important this is and our user’s experience proved the same thing.

That is why we offer Premium Support! This way, we make sure that your learning experience is smooth and you start applying what you learn in the shortest time.

Moreover, we know that you will need loads of advice and confirmations that what you do is right. We are ready for that and we’ll be one click away, offering you the much needed confidence.

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MT4NitroArbitrage will be available for the public for a limited time, between the 1st of November and the 29th of November.

The sooner you decide the better offer you get

October 1 – 31

Meet MT4NitroArbitrage!

▸ MT4NitroArbitrage license giveaway

▸ MT4NitroArbitrage product information

November 1 – 8

Early bird

▸ Get the limited offer: Best Price (Last Day – 8th of November)

▸ Extended Premium Support: 10 Weeks of 1-1 Premium Support (if you buy on the first day of Early Bird)

▸ You are automatically signed in for the amazing prizes

November 9 – 22

Standard Sale

▸ 2 Weeks of discounted price (Last Day – 22nd of November)

▸ 10 Weeks of Premium Support (if you buy on the first day of Standard Sale)

▸ Win one of the prizes!

November 23 – 29

Last Chance

▸ Last week you can get the MT4NitroArbitrage

▸ 8 weeks of Premium Support

▸ Win great prizes!

December 2nd

Prize awarding

▸ 1 x Money Back

▸ 2 x 500 EUR Start-up Money

▸ 5 x 1 Hour Private Coaching Session

From your purchase date – 29 jan – Premium support

From your date of access – 10 days – Money back guarantee

I never worry about action, but only inaction.
Winston Churchill

More recent results of MT4NitroArbitrage

These reports are only for REAL trading accounts and are verified by the MyFXBook.com website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to have a company to trade on the stock exchange?
NO. Accounts to brokers are made as a self employed, so you do not need to make your own company to trade. If you already have a company, you can use it to purchase the software and VPS.
2. Do I need previous trading experience to use the software?
NO. We took this into consideration at the time when we decided to launch this software to publicly and we invested in creating a video course through which we explained the basic concepts needed to use the software.

In addition, the software automates most operations.

What you have left to do is to go through the video course, make sure you understand how it works and test it with as many brokers.

3. How much money do I have to invest?
Once you have purchased the software, the necessary investment is the VPS (Virtual Private Server) on which the software will run: depending on performance it can cost between 50 and 200 eur / month. At 70 eur / month you can purchase a VPS that you can run 2 brokers at the same time.

In addition, the deposits in the accounts that you will create with the brokers means blocked money (not lost).

The minimum deposits depend from one broker to another broker and start from 100 euros up to 1000 euros. We recommend investing the minimum amounts especially if you are at the beginning.

4. Why selling the software if you managed to make money with it?
This soft is just one of the ones that our company has developed and we have used in the last 4 years with very good results.

Due to the type of strategy that it uses (arbitrage) this type of software also has certain limitations such as for example the fact that it cannot trade with very large amounts of money like hundreds of thousands and millions (for which we have other software).

It is precisely because of this limitation that we consider to be a software that is very well suited to the general public who can make transactions of the order of thousands and tens of thousands of euros.

5. What is the main risk in using the program? What could lead to the loss of investment using the software?
1. At the executive level, the software has a logic that reduces the risk of loss to a minimum. We also recommend that the testing to be performed with the minimum possible values, an aspect that will guarantee that any eventual losses on transactions are maximum several tens of euros.

2. Higher losses can be recorded if the software is not set properly or is not monitored for long periods of time, but even in this case the losses are controlled by the parameters that are initially set.

3. Multiple testing can lead to losses. Finding the right brokers can be a risk factor. If several brokers are tested without results (either that those brokers do not offer arbitrage possibilities, or that is a period when the market itself does not offer arbitrage possibilities, or that the user did not set the software correctly), it can lead to several losses like tens of euros for each broker tested.

6. What are the profits of those who are using the software? Are these profits made on demo or real accounts?
Our current users of the software who shared the results with us, have managed to earn in 3 months from the start of using the software between 400 and 18000 euros.

Testing on demo accounts strictly has the role of getting used to the software parameters, but it does not represent in our view relevant results (whether they are profits or losses). The profits of those who use it are real profits, with real money.

7. What is the smallest amount invested by those who use the software? What is the amount with what he succeeded to make a profit and how much was the profit ?
Deposit to broker of 200 euros, VPS of 70 euros for 2 months (until he managed to find a suitable broker), another 40-50 EUR for testing other brokers and the profit after approximate 1 and half months was about 2000 euros.
8. Will be software updates? Will they be included in the initial price?
The necessary updates will be included. We also plan to offer a number of new modules included in the initial price. Some modules may appear for a fee, but their absence will not affect the initial performance of the software.
9. Can the software and video course be purchased after November 29?
We currently have no plans to offer this product after November 29th.

We need to make sure that those who want to use it will have all the necessary support from us.

10. If the software is started from my PC, whether it has high latencies can it be profitable?
It’s unlikely. This type of arbitraj is based on a very high speed and therefore it is necessary to run from a VPS located in London.
11. Under what conditions is the money back policy activated?
We offer money back within 10 calendar days after you received the software.
12. What are the subsequent costs?
After the expiration of the 12 months of free maintenance, there will be a monthly cost of approximately 25 euros / month. This cost is to keep the software infrastructure functional. The cost may be different, depending on the costs to third parties at that time.
13. Why not scale? ... if you made 700k euros in 4 years?
The use of the MT4NitroAbitrage software involves constant work, daily, if you want to obtain a constant profit. You need to look for suitable brokers, you must test, deposit money, withdraw money, change parameters for optimisation, etc. From this point of view, it is harder to scale over the level we reached.

That is why we preferred to develop other strategies that allow us to scale to the level we want. This is also one of the reasons why we release this software to the public (there is often this question).

14. What are the characteristics of a "good" broker to use the software with?
One feature is to have the best trading conditions. All the necessary conditions are detailed and argued in the video guide.
15. SOFT: How profitable is the software?
The profitability can reach even 100% per day but it is not constant. The profitability fluctuates a lot depending on the broker’s infrastructure and the arbitrage opportunities. You can find here a series of results heard through MyFXBook.
16. SOFT: What strategy does the software use?
The strategy is arbitrage and more precisely is latency arbitrage. In short, the soft compare in real time the prices of the broker you choose (MT4) with the prices of the same instrument (ex: EURUSD) comes from a very fast source.

If there is a sufficiently large difference between the two prices, MT4NitroArbitrage will place the corresponding trade in your MT4 broker.

17. SOFT: How big is the drowdown?
Very small! Drop Down can occur in 2 situations:

1. When you are still in the testing period. In this case the volumes traded will be minimal and because of this the possible losses will be minimal. From the experience of the persons who using the soft, the tests cost approximately 15-20 euros / broker

2. When you have gone through the testing period and you know that broker is working, so you have already managed to make consistent profits. In this case you will need to constantly check that broker but also use parameters that restrict the placement of transactions if the number of losing trades has exceeded a certain level set by you.

18.SOFT: On what operating systems will the software work? Windows? Linux (Ubuntu for example)?
Works only on Windows. To have a real chance of profit, the software must run from a VPS located in London. In this way is possible to ensure the required reaction speed.

IMPORTANT: Even if the software runs on the VPS with Windows, you can check the trading account directly from your mobile, laptop, desktop (windows, iOS, Android) and you can access the VPS from any location and from any device and any operating system.

19.SOFT: In the case of "flash crash" how will the software react?
In order for an arbitrage strategy to be as efficient as possible, it requires sharp price movements to generate price differences between brokers.

However, a very big and very sudden movements (eg: the massive appreciation of the Swiss franc from February 15, 2015) can lead to radical measures from the brokers side that will affect the clients (meaning us) – a typical measure is the increase of spreads.

MT4NitroAbitrage has several built-in protection modules for situations like this. For example, one of the software parameters sets the maximum value of the spread to which trading is allowed.

In other words, if the broker enlarges the spread and there is still an arbitrage opportunity, MT4NitroAbitrage will not trade that opportunity because the risk of losing would be high, the cause of that is increased spread by the broker.

20.SOFT: Is the software "single use"? Or can it be used / installed on multiple servers? And by more users?
The license implies the right of use from a single IP.

The VPS on which an instance of MT4NitroArbitrage will run will have a static IP and that IP must be communicated to the Prop-Quant team.

However, multiple instances of the MetaTrader4 platform can run in parallel on a single VPS, depending on the performance of the VPS. This means that more brokers can run on the same VPS.

In addition, Prop-Quant will grant upon request the right to use a license on multiple IPs (VPS).

21.SOFT: Is there any guarantee that MetaTrader4 software will not block your application in the future?
YES! MetaQuotes is the company that provides a technical solution – MetaTrader4 in this case. From their point of view all software (Expert Advisors) falls into the same product category.

IMPORTANT: Arbitration is perfectly legal, contrary to some media myths.

22.SOFT: What kind of arbitrage is it? Is the arbitration between 2 brokers?
MT4NitroAbitrage uses latency arbitrage. This means that the trades will take place in a single broker, when the prices of that broker is different from the prices from the quick source of quotations that MT4NitroAbitrage has incorporated.

MT4NitroAbitrage user will have open accounts for several brokers and to test them separately.

23.SOFT: Does the software set by his own SL and TP respectively Buy and Sell?
MT4NitroAbitrage has built-in position management modules and sets itself the mode of entering trades, of exit, depending on the modality chosen by the user. The modalities are explained in detail in the Video User’s Guide and comes together with the software as a package.
24.SOFT: If the broker also offers CFDs on crypto, can I use the software?
MT4NitroAbitrage cannot be used at the moment on crypto instruments. We may add in the future but we need to find a quick source for listing crypto instruments.
25.VPS: What are the costs of renting a VPS in London?
The costs of VPS depend on the performance of the computer (VPS).

Example: A VPS that can run two instances of MetaTrader4 at the same time costs about 70 EUR / month.

26.VPS: What configuration should have an average VPS?
Location: Equinix LD4 Data Center, London, UK
– 3.5 GHz (turbo: 3.8 GHz) CPU clock frequency
– 3 VCPU Core
– 5 GB RAM
– 30 GB SSD
– 10GB / sec ultra low latency ASIC network card
27.VPS: If the Internet provider assigns me a dynamic IP, will this impact the use of the software?
The software must run from a VPS that has static IP. If you try to run the software from a dynamic IP then you will have connection problems.
28.VPS: The better VPS we have, the number of trades will increase?
The performance of the VPS is not necessarily correlated with the number of trades. However, a better VPS allows you to run multiple brokers at the same time and gives you a higher speed and thus you can get better results.
29.BROKER: Can you make recommendations in choosing the broker?
No. We are not affiliated in any way with any broker and we do not recommend brokers. The search for brokers it will be your duty.
30.BROKER: Most brokers have written in the contract that they do not accept arbitrage. How can arbitrage be done if they wrote this in the contract?
Brokers write this in the contract to have a way to protect themselves. However, the trandes from an arbitrage strategy are just like any other trandes: the broker offers a price and we express our intention to trade on that price.
31.BROKER: Did you ever say something about a list of brokers ... do you offer that as well?
We offer several sites where you can find many brokers. These lists are provided to help users find brokers. These lists are by no means a recommendation of brokers from the Prop Quant team.

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